EPPIC is an acronym for: Entrepreneurs and Professionals in Partnership for Innovation in Healthcare.

The original mission of EPPIC included the following:

  • Networking and expanding professional opportunities
  • Developing entrepreneurial opportunities for professionals
  • Establishing ties with educational institutions in the Indian subcontinent

While EPPIC has evolved to become culturally diverse & fully inclusive, its mission has not changed: To advance healthcare by providing entrepreneurship, mentoring and networking opportunities to its member base.

EPPIC is a member-based global organization that welcomes everyone with deep passion for healthcare, regardless of professional or educational credentials and cultural background. This passion bonds its members while driving them to nurture innovative ideas and solutions to solve healthcare challenges. Fostering an ecosystem of individuals who are highly motivated & highly passionate about healthcare is the glue that has held EPPIC together and is the inherent value that it will continue to deliver to its member base.

Historically, EPPIC has focused on live events & conferences, highlighted by its annual flagship conference, EPPICon. These events have featured several leaders from academia, industry, and investment communities within various hot sectors at the intersection of technology & healthcare. You can find a detailed history of these past events in our “Events”  section. At the present time, EPPIC is supplementing these live events with virtual events (ie. live stream webinars) and is dedicated to bringing differentiated exclusive events to EPPIC members.

You are encouraged to read the “Who Can Benefit” and “Technology Meets Healthcare”  sections to learn more about the makeup of EPPIC’s member base and areas of focus within healthcare. Similarly, see our “Why Join EPPIC”  section to learn about how EPPIC has fulfilled its mission through various events and how EPPIC aims to continue this journey.