Pradeep Fernades is currently VP of Strategy and Business Development for Bugworks Research. Prior to this he was CEO and Co-Founder of Netto Logic, a company focused on customer engagement for Small business. Before starting Netto Logic, Pradeep was President and co-founder of Cellworks Group, Inc, a company focused on delivery novel, effective and de-risked therapies. He was responsible for raising more than $20M in financing, identifying the goto market strategy, partnering with US companies and architecting their virtual disease platform. Pradeep has spent most of his career in the semiconductor and software algorithms domain and is now applying those ideas and practices in the life sciences arena. Prior to joining Cellworks, Pradeep was Vice President and General Manager of Synthesis Solutions at Cadence Design Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: CDNS) following its very successful acquisition of Get2Chip in 2003. Before founding Get2Chip, Pradeep was part of the executive team of TriQuest Design Automation, which was acquired by Summit Designs (MENT). Before joining Triquest, Pradeep co-founded CyberX, a company focused on development of highly integrated smart ethernet switches. Earlier, Pradeep spent several years at Synopsys and LSI Logic, where he started his career. Pradeep has a MSEE and BSCS/EE. He has multiple patents in Cancer, Immunology, Systems Biology, EDA and many technical publications to his credit in the EDA, DSP, Communication and Parallel Processing areas. He received the Sigma Xi outstanding research award for his thesis. He is also an advisor and investor in several early stage companies.