Who Are We:

EPPIC Global is a Broad Based and Cross Disciplinary Networking Group for HealthCare. Our community includes, but not limited to, biologists, physicians, chemists, bioengineers, software engineers, data scientists, clinical pharmacologists, statisticians and project managers. We share a common vision of bringing innovative products (medicines, diagnostics, healthcare technology) to patients and their caregivers, through the integration of diverse disciplines and entrepreneurship.

Why Do We Exist:

Delivery of timely, high quality and affordable healthcare to patients remains an unmet need. The 21st century healthcare ecosystem is witnessing the unprecedented convergence of technology and life sciences, a rising new generation of inspirational entrepreneurs and a greater risk-taking sentiment among investors. These changes are fueling radical new approaches to discovery and development of medicines, disruption of traditional R&D, devices and diagnostics and there is no better example of this than the remarkable speed at which the healthcare industry delivered transformative treatments and diagnostics during the COVID pandemic.

Every life science and technology vertical and sub-segment has associations and networking platforms for its members but few platforms exist for all of them to come together to address the needs of the changing configuration of the healthcare professional workplace. Through our history and because of our clear focus on a geographical cluster in the Bay Area, EPPIC Global evolved into a broad platform for healthcare professionals of all genres- under the common umbrella theme – Technology meets Healthcare.

What is Our Mission:

To serve as a premium forum for networking, mentorship, information sharing and entrepreneurial support of like-minded healthcare professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We achieve our mission through networking events, mentorship, webinars, and our annual EPPICon conference