Why We Are Unique: A Broad Based and Cross Disciplinary Networking Group for HealthCare

Healthcare is such a cross disciplinary and complex undertaking, it involves several diverse skills, disciplines and processes all of which complement each other– Humane caring for patients with analytical rigor in diagnosing , the slow moving scientific validation process of drug approvals versus the extremely quick entrepreneurial impulse inherent to digital innovation, the incalculable value of human life with the need to manage the costs of healthcare delivery. The biological, statistical, managerial, computational, engineering , medicinal , political, ethical and economic expertise that is needed to manage the pandemics such as the emergence of COVID-19 is an example.

In the 21 century, in particular, the need for cross disciplinary collaboration to solve health care problems has gone up- as healthcare costs have become the single largest GDP subcategory in the United States at 18 % of the national GDP, and new technologies are creating new models of drug discovery and health care delivery, and levels of global integration make a unfamiliar virus in any corner of the world a global phenomenon.

Every healthcare vertical and sub-segment has associations and networking platforms for its members but few platforms exist for all of them to come together. We believe through our history and because of our clear focus on a geographical cluster in the Bay Area, we have evolved into a broad platform for healthcare professionals of all genres- under the common umbrella theme – Technology meets Healthcare.