Mentorship at EPPIC:

Having a good mentor is a big blessing. Mentoring consists of a long-term relationship focused on supporting the growth and development of the mentee. The mentor becomes a source of wisdom, teaching, and support, rather than some one who observes and advises on specific actions or behavioral changes in daily work. Both parties benefit from the relationship

EPPIC leverages a combination of the scientific and industry experience of the EPPIC Charter Members and the EPPIC Board members to provide mentoring to Professionals, students and faculty engaged in Healthcare and Technology.

For the past 20 years, EPPIC has thrived through the formal and informal mentorship and networking it has provided to its active members. Students, Entrepreneurs and Professionals who have benefited from the company and advice of their peers at EPPIC, have gone on to become successful in their enterprises and their professions. To view some success stories of individuals through their association with EPPIC, click here.

EPPIC is pleased to announce that it is now extending a formal “Mentorship” as a benefit to EPPIC members. Mentorship will be provided through EPPIC Executive members. EPPIC mentors provide industry insights to research faculty and educators, as well as lectures, workshops and co-op opportunities to their students. They are eager to share their professional experience to advise entrepreneurs navigating the confluence of healthcare and technology and can also serve as a resource for career guidance.

Depending on the type of membership you hold the way to reach out to a mentor

Professional/ Charter/ Entrepreneur members can seek direct contact with EPPIC members based on their membership level.

Student members can similarly get access to webinars and general advice through EPPIC.
Student or professional organizations can partner with EPPIC in a reciprocal relationship, where they can volunteer their time and commitment to EPPIC and request field trips and co-op opportunities from EPPIC Board, Charter and Executive Committee members.

Mentorship Opportunities

As a volunteer run organization EPPIC expects a minimum level of reciprocity from all its mentees. It can come in the form of volunteering for EPPIC (all mentors are volunteers!) or in an ongoing program of reciprocity in networking and knowledge sharing.

If you represent an academic or professional organization specifically looking for mentorship at the confluence of Healthcare and Technology for your members, please write to us at

If you are an entrepreneur seeking direct advice, please write to us at