EPPIC Charter Members (CMs) are successful, high profile executives, entrepreneurs, corporate intrapreneurs and thought leaders, who have reached a stage in their professional life when they are ready, willing and able to contribute to fellow members.

  • EPPIC CMs are dedicated to the mission of EPPIC engaging and giving back to the community.
  • They believe in the broad goals of the healthcare mission that includes but transcends shareholder capitalism and have a strong desire to help other professionals in the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Charter Membership is by invitation only.

Charter Member Benefits

Charter members enjoy multiple benefits including :

  • Networking with each other.
  • Possible opportunities to participate in start-ups in many ways.
  • Participate in events as speakers and/or panel members.
  • Serve as mentors to budding entrepreneurs.
  • Network with other successful professionals in the Bay Area.
  • Recruit talented members, interns and volunteers.
  • Participate in the leadership and management of EPPIC.
  • Invitation to attend exclusive EPPIC Charter membership events.
  • Complementary attendance to select events hosted by EPPIC.

If you are interested in being a Charter Member, please click here.