Engineers Looking to Switch to HealthCare

You are an engineer and have had this desire to explore careers in healthcare. You may have dabbled in some healthcare in the past, either by doing a dual degree when you did your undergraduate work or at the start of your career, or maybe you have someone in the family in health care. Perhaps you are just a smart operator and know that the future lies in healthcare.

You are now looking to pursue a healthcare career track and would like some guidance and some networking to help you make that switch.

Specifically, you may be concerned about questions such as:

  1.  I am a senior level professional at a prestigious engineering position in a Tech firm. Will I have to start at the beginning of a career ladder again?
  2. How can my current skills and experiences be applicable to a healthcare career?
  3. What are the specific career tracks in healthcare that would need my skills/would appreciate what I bring to the table? Which verticals does it make sense for me to focus on? What are the differences between a diagnostics company  a therapeutic company and a digital health company in how they integrate engineering talent?
  4. How will a CV to appeal to a health care company look?

Or you may just be curious about health care as a possible future option, but looking to build knowledge and contacts, to make the leap one day.

Better still, you are an engineer already established in healthcare space, and want to connect with other kindred souls.

At EPPIC we are delighted to have the talented engineers who have an affinity for healthcare join us as members. EPPIC is the perfect platform to bridge engineers with healthcare. As a broad based health care group, we are a big tent- you will have enough time to get used to the jargons. Many of our board of directors, executive committee and charter members themselves have an engineering background and made the switch to healthcare careers in life sciences and medical devices. Some engineers have used EPPIC to build multi million dollar businesses and exit successfully in areas in which they had never worked before- such as diagnostics. So you will be in good company.

We also provide un paralleled networking opportunities with other engineers in healthcare or interested in  healthcare and with seasoned health care professionals (some of them are engineers too)

Do visit our section on career tracks where we provide tips on switching careers as well as networking

Meet an Engineer member of EPPIC