So you are (or want to be) a healthcare entrepreneur. You may even be from outside the industry.  You are excited about the start-up opportunity in the health sector but you often are overwhelmed by many of the challenges of the sector:

  • Why does it move so slowly – at a glacial pace?
  • The different types of people I need to engage with to get a simple product launched is mind boggling – Physicians, Regulators, Scientists, Payors, Patients, Providers in addition to my investor, team and family!!! How do I cope?
  • What are the latest developments in this sector? Technology here means something else?
  • How do I understand the regulatory implications?
  • How do I connect to potential investors?
  • How do I engage with customers/ partners?
  • How do I get reimbursed? How do I demonstrate value for my innovation?

Or you may be a seasoned healthcare entrepreneurial Pro, who is looking for the right research scientist talent or a partner or for someone who has worked in the new product segment you are targeting- maybe it is Biosimilars, or genomics or microbiome.

You have arrived at the right place. EPPIC is a diverse and broad-based networking platform. By becoming a EPPIC member, you are likely to access expertise, capital, customers/ partners for navigating your healthcare start-up journey.

Many of our Board of Directors, Charter Members and Executive Committee members are entrepreneurs who have benefitted immensely from being associated with EPPIC. Be sure to see the testimonials page where some of them describe how they leveraged EPPIC to launch their successful business venture. There are many executives who may be your potential customers or your next exit option, and there are physicians who can give you an informed opinion on your product idea, and investors too who are members.  In short, it will be very difficult to find an equivalent healthcare group to make sure your dream start-up launches smoothly.

Meet an EPPIC entrepreneur member.