You are an investor aficionado and interested in healthcare investment. You are excited about the sector and have had some experience investing in the tech sector in start-ups and perhaps you have had one or two exits as well. You have been hearing a lot of buzz about the opportunities in the health care sector but don’t know where to start – it seems too technical, too jargon filled, has too much dependence on specialists and has a business logic that is not easy to understand. Yet, you have seen some great investment returns in the sector from those who know how to play it.

Historically, investing in health ecosystem start-ups has been quite different from start-ups from other sectors. Key challenges include, nature of scientific evidence risk/regulatory risk, large amounts of capital up front, lack of revenues for a long time (versus lack of profits for Uber et al), multiplicity of players – to get some traction.

Key opportunities are the potential size of the market, the huge entry barriers to competitors, the ability to help people, and scalability once effectiveness is proven.

As a potential investor in the healthcare space, you are looking for discussion partners with domain expertise who will help demystify and together explore the opportunities and challenges in investing in healthcare for angel and early stage investments. You may be interested in questions such as:

  1. Which sectors are worth betting on as investors?
  2. Are there mechanisms for angels to participate in sectors such as Bio-Pharma/ Devices? Or are investors from outside the sector with shorter exit time expectations,  restricted to digital health and diagnostics?
  3. What are some surrogate indicators to check the viability of a pre-revenue healthcare businesses other than the pedigree of its founders and board?
  4. How are entrepreneurs with a tech background changing things? Is health too complex for them or will their entrance into the market make health more tech-like?
  5. What valuations are to be expected? What are the drivers of a high and low valuation? How do they differ by sub- sectors and stage? How does this compare to tech?

You are also looking for some healthcare entrepreneurs to bet on and may be investors to co-invest with you.

Welcome to EPPIC. We are a networking platform where you will likely find domain experts who can demystify the health care terms and technologies you will possibly hear from entrepreneurs pitching to you. We also facilitate conversations between entrepreneurial aspirants among our member base with possible investor members such as yourself. You will also find experienced venture capitalists and angel investors among our members who have invested in healthcare start-ups and possibly share their experience with you.

We are however not in anyway soliciting or advising on investments and are in no way responsible for your investment decisions.

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