You work for a life sciences company, either a large multi-national or a small start-up on a cutting-edge technology. Technology that saves lives excites you. Before COVID-19, a virus still meant a real virus and not a piece of computer code to you. You had a quizzical smile when someone explained what their corporate DNA was. A trial could be a positive event that can result in a discovery of a lifesaving drug. You get it- we are talking about someone who is comfortable in our world.

EPPIC from its origins was meant for people like you – To help keep your intellectual edge, to advance your career prospects, to provide a support group who understand your professional aspirations and challenges because they live it in their own professional lives. We have members from leading life sciences companies.

Our conferences have dealt with themes of great interest to the life sciences segment of the health care industry. While EPPIC is certainly more broad based today, it has a strong life sciences core.

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