You are part of the healthcare system where rubber meets the road. At the end of the day, all health care innovations need your adoption even if approved by regulatory authorities to signal to the market any clinical significance in the innovation. You would like to see innovations that are safe, efficacious and clinically meaningful.  You also would like to be knowledgeable on the latest in health innovation to better serve those that matter- your patients.

Yet, several of you are often siloed from the rest of the health care innovation ecosystem – partly because you are busy, but often because it is a complex web of specialized value chain involving investors, innovators, entrepreneurs, technologists, regulators, data analysts, service providers and others . It is similar to living in a New York High rise and not knowing your neighbors. You have an opportunity to connect with other contributors in the innovation ecosystem here.  Welcome to EPPIC.

EPPIC is a broad based health care networking platform where you meet and exchange ideas with other professionals – life-science experts to discuss the novel medicine/medical device ideas,  entrepreneurs who could provide you with angel investing opportunities,  health care investors to pitch your own ideas to, senior professionals to provide  mentorship on alternate healthcare careers and a lot more.

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