You are a student and looking to explore both courses and employment opportunities in the healthcare space.  When it comes to making curriculum and career choices, there are two things that are very critical – Mentorship and Networking. EPPIC provides these opportunities in abundance.  When you are choosing courses, you would love to know which are the “hot” courses, career tracks and what to expect. You also want to cut through the buzz and understand what does a specific field of study or career involves. These decisions are critical to avoid making mistakes based on the initial glamor. Who better to mentor you than accomplished leaders in the health care space from a variety of industries- medical devices, life sciences, digital health, physicians, entrepreneurs and more. When you start looking for job opportunities it may also be a good idea to connect with people in the field who may help by giving you guidance and mentor you as you make career choices. The EPPIC ecosystem gives you the opportunity to optimize your networking. Our members, board members, charter members and executive committee members can provide this guidance.