According to the website, which is supported by research from Mckinsey & Company, healthcare surpasses other industries in female participation in the workforce, even after discounting for the fact that nurses are 80 % women.

A broad industry that includes drug and medical-device manufacturers, as well as service providers and payors, healthcare surpasses other industries in female representation. Women hold executive management positions at the highest levels, including Emma Walmsley (CEO of GlaxoSmithKline and the first woman to lead a global pharma company), Gail K. Boudreaux (President and CEO of Anthem), and Laura N. Dietch (President and CEO of BioTrace). There are also many examples of women in healthcare gaining worldwide recognition for their achievements, such as Frances H. Arnold, who in 2018 became the fifth woman to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Women are the primary consumers and decision makers in the healthcare market, and they make up almost 50 percent of the workforce. Much of their advancement and leadership in the field rests on those facts.

Healthcare also performs better in promoting women. However, despite their influence as customers and the core workforce, they are notably under-represented in the industry’s leadership-making up approximately 30 percent of C-suite teams and 13 percent of CEOs.  Similarly, there are segments of the health care ecosystem, where women are grossly underrepresented such as the Healthcare Venture Capital Industry. Healthcare, unlike other industries, does not have a “women in healthcare” problem, but a “women in healthcare leadership” problem.

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